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This is a list of all of the things that I have posted on my journal that are sim related that may be of anyone's interest. Just a quick way to find what it is that you are looking for. I will try to keep this updated because I think that it will help me as well. The stuff that is under the title "old stuff" are things that I am no longer updating and... I'm not really sure if I can update them. Last time I tried to play that Sims 2 folder, it wasn't working so I started over with a completely new one. Anyway, hope this helps. :)

Canterbury Cove - a Build a City Challenge

Week One: Carnahan
Week Two: Carnahan Meadows/Lieman
Week Three: Carnahan Lieman
Week Four: Carnahan Lieman Albrecht
Week Five: Carnahan Lieman Albrecht
Week Six: Carnahan Lieman Albrecht
Week Seven: Carnahan Lieman Albrecht Carnahan 2 Carnahan 3 Carnahan 4
Week Eight: Carnahan Lieman
Download a Canterbury Covian

Meet the Inhabitants
Year 1 - Summer 1: Garland Terra Arash Othmar Eniola Adalbern Erling Aneirin Cyneheard
Year 1 - Winter 1: Garland Terra Arash

Phoebe Malicks
Eric Angstrom
Melanie Nathanson
Charles Baldwin and Marcus Freyer
Rodger Halloway
Alexar Zanders
13 Lucky Sims: 7 Female, 6 Male
Marigold Mojado
Mara Graves, Arthur Ward, Erin Gray, Chance Darium


Four Starters

Old Stuff
The Keiths - an OWBC: One Two Three Four Five
Diary of a Queen Bee: One Two
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