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21 July 2015 @ 07:38 pm
Harshire: Year 1 - Winter 1: Othmar  

I already have another update ready. I have been playing all day today. This update is about the first merchant family, the Othmars.

This family consists of Otto, Melanie, and their twins Roy and Ingrid.

They also have a dog that Melanie adopted named Dakota.

We start off with a good old potty training face. I believe the kids aged up right before I stopped last round so they hadn't learnt any skills yet. Melanie has a great potty training face.

Next is learning to talk. As many young sim toddlers, Indrid has no interest in learning to speak.

In the meantime, while Melanie and Ingrid are busy and Otto is at work, Roy is terrorizing Dakota.

Although, I think she might secretly love it.

I can't resist the huggle.

In no time at all, Roy learned to say his first words!

Ingrid takes her turn squeezing the life out of Dakota.

This is Otto's business, Luscious Locks. It is currently rank 4. He visited it a few times during this round, but I did not take very many pictures. There is a slight issue with sims not standing at the cash register when they are in line that is causing him to lose stars.

During his first visit, Adara Adalbern stopped by.

She was less than impressed... but she also happens to be pregnant. (Which you can't tell because of the wear anything while pregnant hack. Oops.)

Otto managed to earn his bronze cash register badge, however. Hopefully this means good things for his store.

Back at the ranch, Melanie is performing her motherly duties. As a popularity sim, Melanie loves any chance to interact with others and make friends, so she doesn't mind.

After coming back from the store, Otto has a nightmare that he is living in a post-apocalyptic world.

Soon Roy is potty trained as well.

As seems to be customary in most of these updates, the sink has broken. The merchant class can call for services, but they are a little tight on money, so Otto ended up fixing it. Twins are expensive!

Even Otto helps out from time to time when he isn't working or at his store. As a pleasure sim, he doesn't usually roll any wants involving the kids, but he does get along with them.

Elizabeth Arash stops by for a visit. She and Melanie quickly become friends, bonding over having twins.

Otto is promoted. The merchant class must pay 50% in taxes, so he is able to keep more of his money.

Next thing I knew, it was time for Roy and Ingrid to transition into children. They look nearly identical and almost nothing like Melanie. That is all Otto.

Otto and Melanie celebrate no more toddlers.

Although Melanie was the one to adopt Dakota, Otto is closest with her. He loves commanding her to do her one trick she knows, play dead.

Both kids got a small makeover and spent most of their snow day playing with their new activity table. I love this item so much.

Otto visits F. C. Grocery, Francis Eniola's very tiny grocery store.

He then heads on over to his own store to try and make a little more money.

I have decided to tax the amount earned at businesses on the net amount earned. I would imagine sims are allowed to deduct business expenses from their taxes.

Once home, Otto asks Melanie on a date.

Nothing like dancing in the living room in your jammies.

Melanie discovers that their celebrating lead to more toddlers in their future.

Otto knows exactly how to help her relax.

It ended up being a dream date.

That's all for this update. I know it was a bit short and boring, but this family didn't really have much going on. On to the next house!
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