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21 July 2015 @ 03:07 pm
Harshire: Year 1 - Winter 1: Arash  

Long time no see. It's been at least two years, I think, since I updated anything or even played. I just kind of stopped playing for awhile because I lost interest. Recently I was bitten by the sim playing bug and I reinstalled all of my Sims 2 games and loaded up Harshire to play. I've missed playing and I hope to get back into playing and updating.

I had to use the picture from last update, so it doesn't show the twin toddlers, Rachel and Reginald. And, because we've all forgotten, that is Nicholas and Elizabeth in the cover. One of the peasant familes of Harshire. Rules can be found HERE if you find you want a refresher.

Here is their very humble abode. I am enjoying playing with this sort of grungy look and feel.

The first thing I saw when I loaded up the lot is that the sink is broken. Which... didn't surprise me. If you remember from the rules, peasants are not allowed to hire maids, gardeners, butlers, and repair people. So at some point, someone in the house must fix this sink.

Nicholas works in the military, attempting to bring in some money. Peasants are taxed at 75%, so this is very difficult to do. Paying for protection in this post-apocalyptic work is costly.

Elizabeth is a stay at home mom. Here she is, teaching Rachel to talk. They discuss the stinky bottle on the floor that no one has the time to clean up.

When Nicholas is home, he helps out too. They are both family sims.

Reginald is not as eager as Rachel to learn how to talk. He'd rather sit and play with his blocks.

But he gets there eventually. It helps that his dad is his best friend.

Elizabeth finally finds some time to fix the sink. It takes a few tries as she doesn't have any mechanical skill points, but what else can they do?

Nicholas gets a much needed promotion. After taxes, he is allowed to keep only $420, but this allows them to buy a shower which is loads quicker than bathing every time. They must take out one light as they only have 15 power slots from their 3 small solar panels.

Despite money being tight and Elizabeth and Nicholas being frazzled, Reginald is still potty trained. Toddler skills are important. I do my best to have my toddlers learn all three skills.

Nicholas believes it is no big deal. To him, parenting comes easy.

When I was making the rules, I did not really think about the fact that this was going to happen every time that the bills come around. I decided to just leave it as is, but they still must pay 75% tax. I imagine they sell their extra power to the next town over.

With two toddlers in the house, it is easier to get away with being naughty. Reginald looks very pleased with himself and the mess that he made.

Nicholas plays peek a boo with Reginald. He looks more scared, than entertained.

Oliver Garland and Nicholas are best friends. Oliver is still upset about his wife, Teresa, cheating on him with the king last round.

Elizabeth learns some interesting things about anger management.

All too soon, the twins grow up into children. They look quite similar. Both grew up in platinum, giving them a great head start in life.

There was only enough money for one more bed so Rachel got a bed and Reginald must sleep in his parents' bed. Nicholas offers to take the couch, but does not appear to be sleeping very well on such a cramped space.

Reginald gets a makeover and plays in the tub. They don't have enough money to buy any toys, so the kids must find creative ways to entertain themselves.

Rachel and Reginald get along swimmingly.

Elizabeth wishes to have another baby. I try to give my sims what they want, so perhaps the Arash family will soon have another.

Rachel gets a small makeover. I realize her every day outfits and all other outfits do not fit the color theme, but they don't have enough money for a dresser, much less new clothing to put in it. Rachel must stick with a pirate outfit for now, which somewhat matches her class considering there are no shoes. Must be cold in this winter, though!

Now that the kids are in school, Elizabeth spends her time studying new skills.

Nicholas is promoted again.

Reginald and Rachel both get help with homework. Reginald looks especially confused.

After homework is play time. Reginald does not appear to be enjoying himself as much as he thought he would. Nicholas is loving it.

James and Annette Terra came home with Reginald and Rachel after school.

With Nicholas's promotion, there was enough money for another bed for Reginald, and just barely enough for an easel. Elizabeth hopes to paint in her free time to help out. She could get a job, but she is not allowed to use any of her vacation time, and she still wants children.

Rachel enjoys the snow outside.

Elizabeth and Nicholas get started trying for another baby. These two have two bolts and are pretty cute together.

We leave the house as we found it, with the sink broken again. Seems like the peasants can never quite get ahead.
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joandsarahjoandsarah on July 22nd, 2015 03:25 am (UTC)
Good to see you and your sims Olive. :) I like some grunge for my poor families. That bathtub is rather horrible lol.
olivethegreatolivethegreat on July 22nd, 2015 07:35 pm (UTC)
Thank you for your kind comment! :) It's really nice to see that some of the simmers of almost three years ago that I followed and admired are still around.

The bathtub is terrible! The toilet is a disgrace as well haha. I feel it really adds to the atmosphere. I think it'll be fun being able to play super poor sims and incredibly rich sims in the same neighborhood. Having 75% taxes on the peasants keeps them very poor, which I like. After playing the game for so long, having sims get rich is very easy to do, especially with an owned business. Hopefully this will keep the peasants poor for awhile!
joandsarahjoandsarah on July 24th, 2015 11:44 pm (UTC)
Not many people are around LJ these days, they all moved to Tumblr. I don't care for it as you can't leave a proper comment. I'm mostly around MTS these days, they have a lively Sims 2 discussion board.

I had a couple of homeless families in my old sims 2 folder but I started a new sims 2 folder about 6 months ago with a new smaller hood due to how long my old one took to load- an hour. No homeless sims there yet except my take on the Runaway teen challenge.

My sims are always poor, I don't know I guess it's no 20K handout and halved wages that does it, plus the interest rate on Monique's computer is astronomical. No one can afford tax with pop ups like 'You gained -$2000 on your bank loan!'
I only allow business money perks on government businesses like the Post office, not places like the caffe.