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Royal Kingdom Challenge: Wasteland

Here are the rules to an edited version of the Royal Kingdom Challenge that I came up with. If you have any suggestions for these rules, feel free to leave a comment!

Royal Kingdom Challenge: Wasteland
Goal: This challenge is completed when all the original families in the player's themed neighborhood reach generation five.
The year is 2500 and the world has become a harsh wasteland and life as we know it has ceased to go on. Global climate change has completely altered the face of the earth and oil and coal reserves have run completely dry. Forests have long since been cleared and most bodies of water have nearly dried completely; the climate is scorching hot during the summer and well below freezing during the winter. Economies all over the world crashed and governments fell like dominoes. Modern ways of governing no longer exist and older ways have taken their place. Class discrimination runs rampant but the priority of survival overtakes any desire to reform. "Kings" have arisen who offer protection and resources, but living under their rule often comes at a heavy price.
  •     To begin you must make a new neighborhood
  •     Make one "King" and "Queen" for your "royal" family in CAS
  •     Make between one and three families that will become the "noble" class
  •     Make one or two families that will be the "merchant" class
  •     Make between one and three families that will be the "peasant" class
  •     You may NOT use any cheats unless the rules state otherwise
Starting Out
  • Sims may be created by the player or downloaded. Traits may be randomized or chosen. Number of sims in each family may also be randomized or chosen but the number of households are not to exceed the above limit.
  • Houses may be built from scratch or downloaded. However, the houses must not be altered to be worth less money before a sim moves in as this is considered cheating.
  • The only time your sims may move house is if the house is experiencing bugs or glitches, otherwise the heirs and their families must stay on their original lot for the entire challenge.
  • The neighborhood can be created in any way that the player chooses and the player is free to place as many community lots as they please. However, there must be a separate graveyard for each class.
  • For every five playable sims that have lived in the neighborhood you may have one unowned community lot (the class specific graveyards do not count for this).
General Rules
  • All sims and households must be played for the same amount of time. You may choose whether to play by weeks or by seasons.
  • Seasons must be set to summer, summer, winter, winter as the weather conditions are harsh.
  • Sims may NOT move into a house unless they are marrying someone who lives in the household already or are a peasant who is moving in to cook and clean for either the royal family or anyone in the noble class. (Exceptions can be made if a woman becomes pregnant with the child of a townie/NPC and you wish to keep the ages properly synced.)
  • Each class is assigned a different color in order to help keep track of what class a sim is. Royal family: blue and purple, noble families: red and pink, merchant families: green and yellow, peasant families: orange and brown.
  • All townies are considered to be of either the merchant or peasant class. You may change their clothes to reflect their class rank and are free to choose which class they belong to, either merchant or peasant. Mr. Big and The Diva count as nobles but may not marry the heir to the throne unless they elope (see Alternative Matchmaking Options section for more details).
  • When two sims wed the woman takes the last name and the class rank of the man.
  • When two sims wed, the money that the sim brings into the new household is considered the dowry. Peasants may not bring in more than $5,000, merchants no more than $10,000, and nobles no more than $15,000. Royal dowries do not have a limit. If the a sim brings in more money than they are able you must remove it somehow.
  • All children take on the class rank that their mother is when they are born.
  • All first born male sims are the heirs to their family's fortune (or perhaps, misfortune). They must not marry someone below their class rank, except for royal heirs who may marry any sim of the noble class.
  • All other sims may marry either one step above or one step below their class.
  • Because there is no oil or coal sims are depending upon alternative ways to power their electronics. Each square that an item takes up counts as one slot of power needed. For example, an alarm clock takes up one square and needs one slot of power, while the larger stereos take up two squares and therefor need two slots of power. Windmills provide fifteen slots of power, large solar panels provide ten and small solar panels provide five. If the sims do not have enough power slots for an item they CANNOT have the item in their home. Items in the plumbing section count as an "electronic" as they need power to run.
  • Aspiration and career rewards are allowed but if they are electronic devices they need to have power in order to be used. Elixir is allowed but it is not suggested that the player uses it excessively as it will distort the ages of the different sims in the neighborhood.
  • All classes are allowed to have pets, but only royal or noble families are allowed to own servos. Each servo requires one slot of power.
  • Upon aging into teen a sim's aspiration must be picked randomly, and if you desire, grilled cheese can be an option.
  • Hacks/mods such as ACR, Twins and Triplets, Larger Household, etc. are allowed as long as they do not make gameplay easier.
  • If you so desire you may add on a subhood and create another set of royals, nobles, merchants, and peasants so that your sims have more options to marry. However, you must also play all of these families. The challenge will still end when the ORIGINAL families each reach generation five.
  • Businesses may only be passed onto the heir of the family.
  • Only royalty and nobles, or merchants with a networth of over $75,000, may go on vacation.
  • If you do not want royals and peasants visiting the same community lots you can download Inge's Keys and Two Jeff's Visitor Controller. (Thank you eien_herrison.)
Rules for the Royal Family
  • Upon making the royal family you may give them $120,000 start out with. After this you may NOT cheat to give them any more money.
  • The first born son of BOTH the king and queen will be their heir to the throne upon the death of his father. He may not move out of the house unless he is attending college or if he is "banished" upon becoming a creature (see "Other" section for details concerning this rule).
  • The heir to the throne may ONLY marry a sim from either the royal family or the noble class.
  • All male children of the royal family are required to attend the university. The heir is the only sim who is required to complete all four years.
  • The women of the royal family may not have a job and they may not live on their own. They must either marry or live with family members. Teen males may not have jobs either, they must wait until they are an adult.
  • All children of the royal family, male and female, must attend private school.
  • No royal family members may own a business.
  • The king and queen can start off in college but you must wait to play the rest of the neighborhood until they graduate.
  • Taxes will be paid to the royal family each week. See each class for details about the amounts.
Rules for the Noble Class
  • You may give each noble family $60,000 to start off with. After this you may NOT cheat to give them any more money.
  • Each noble heir may not move out unless attending university or if he is "banished" upon becoming a creature (see "Other" section for details concerning this rule). Only the heir is required to attend but other sims of the noble family are allowed to attend if they desire.
  • Women are not allowed to have jobs.
  • All children of the noble family, both male and female, must attend private school.
  • Nobles are allowed to own businesses but working at these businesses is beneath them. The player is required to hire a manager as soon as possible to run the business. Noble women are not allowed to own or work in a player run business.
  • Nobles may own as many businesses as they like.
  • Noble families must pay 25% of their income (including bonuses) in taxes to the royal family.
Rules for the Merchant Class
  • You may give each merchant family $30,000 to start off with. After this you may NOT cheat to give them more money.
  • The heir is never allowed to move out of the house unless attending university or if he is "banished" upon becoming a creature (see "Other" section for details concerning this rule). Only the heir may attend university and the family must pay $5,000 to the royal family for every year that he attends or pay with scholarships. Attendence is not mandatory.
  • Children of the merchant class, both male and female, may attend private school but the family must pay $500 to the royal family for each child that attends.
  • Merchants may only own one business at a time.
  • Single women are allowed to have jobs which includes working at a player run business.
  • Merchants may only have servants if their networth is more than $75,000.
  • Merchant families must pay 50% of their income (including bonuses) in taxes to the royal family.
Rules for the Peasant Class
  • Peasants may only start off with $15,000.
  • All sims in the peasant class are allowed to have jobs.
  • The heir of the house is never allowed to move out.
  • Sims in the peasant class will never be able to attend university.
  • Children of the peasant class will not attend private school.
  • Peasant may own home businesses but can only sell goods their either create or dig up. If any peasant family NOT an heir to the original family has a rank ten business for a whole generation then the family can be promoted to the merchant class.
  • Peasants may not hire maids, gardeners, repair people, or butlers.
  • Peasants are not allowed to own cars. If any other families own cars they must have enough available power slots to own the car.
  • Sims of the peasant class must always "try for baby" when woohooing. (Other classes are not required to do this.)
  • If a peasant receives a genie lamp they may only wish for money ONE time.
  • Peasant families must pay 75% of their income (including bonuses) in taxes to the royal family.
Matchmaking Options
  • Marriages will be arranged by either the father or else the head of the household. The sim that the father (or head of household) has the highest relationship with, is part of the correct class, and is not already married, will be arranged to marry the available sim.
  • Use of the matchmaker is another option when marrying sims. The first sim dropped of the correct class is the sim that your available sim must marry unless an elder female is the blind date and you wish for the sim to be able to have children.
  • If you choose, two sims may "elope". They can both be from any class, any age, etc. However, once they elope they become peasants and can never gain their old class rank back. If the heir of a family elopes then the family fortune will pass on to the next in line.
  • Divorce is HIGHLY frowned upon, but allowed. Because of this and the fact that marriages are arranged, affairs are a relatively normal thing.
Each class has certain careers that they are allowed to have. If you do not have a certain expansion pack then ignore those careers.
  • Royalty: Athletic, Law Enforcement, Military, Politics, Science, Slacker, Artist, Natural Scienctist, Show Business, Adventurer, Gamer, Journalism, Law, Music, Architecture, Dance, Entertainment, Intelligence, Oceanography.
  • Noble: Athletic, Business, Law Enforcement, Medical, Military, Politics, Science, Slacker, Artist, Natural Scientist, Show Business, Adventurer, Education, Gamer, Journalism, Law, Music, Architecture, Dance, Entertainment, Intelligence, Oceanography.
  • Merchant: Business, Criminal, Culinary, Medical, Military, Science, Slacker, Artist, Natural Scientist, Adventurer, Education, Gamer, Journalism, Music, Architecture, Dance, Entertainment, Oceanography.
  • Peasant: Criminal, Culinary, Medical, Military, Slacker, Artist, Gamer, Journalism, Music, Architecture, Dance.
The only exception to these rules are that the heir to the throne and the king may join whichever career they like. Each career they top brings about different advantages and disadvantages to the town or challenges. Remember, the king is the oldest heir of the royal family, so only the careers HE tops will count. Also, he can top more than one and apply the rules or challenges from all of the careers that he tops.
  • Athletic: The king has become obsessed with fitness and demands that all of his subjects follow suit. Any "fat" sims must become either "normal" or "thin" before the king dies.
  • Business: The king realizes that the only way for life to improve in his kingdom is if people engage in business more frequently. While the king is alive merchants may own more than one business and peasants may own one community lot.
  • Criminal: The king cares little for his subjects and only about himself. Until the king dies the taxes increase by 10% for each class.
  • Culinary: The king cares very much for fine dining and deplores any junk foods. Until the king dies no sims are allowed to order pizza or chinese food and any sim from any class may join the culinary career.
  • Law Enforcement: The king begins to worry about the safety of his kingdom. While the king is alive any sim from any class may join the law enforcement career.
  • Medical: The king learns more about the human body than he ever wanted to know and passes much of this knowledge along to his subjects. While the king is alive peasants are not required to "try for baby" every time that they woohoo.
  • Military: The king cares about his kingdom but especially his troops. Until the king dies any household with a family member in the military will enjoy paying 5% less in taxes. Only applies once for each household.
  • Politics: The king focuses all of his energy on the kingdom and his subjects. If the king has more than 5 nice points, the subjects can enjoy paying 5% less in taxes, if he has less than 5 nice points they are forced to pay 5% more.
  • Science: The king is a genius and has discovered how to more efficiently use wind and solar power. Until the king dies the slots that windmills and solar panels have doubles.
  • Slacker: The king LOVES to party and thinks that all his subjects should enjoy this hobby as well. While the king is alive each household must throw at least one party per rotation and naturally, being a Professional Party Guest, the King expects invitations from everyone!
  • Artist: The king has learned to appreciate the beauty in life. Before he dies he must paint a portrait of every sim currently living in his household.
  • Natural Scientist: Through hard work the king has learned more about the way that weather works. During the time that the king is alive the seasons may be set to summer/fall/winter/spring.
  • Paranormal: The king has finally begun to understand how the supernatural works and has decided it is not as bad as he originally thought. When the king tops this career you may move any supernatural sims out of the supernatural household and back to their original house. They may stay there even after the king dies.
  • Adventurer: The king has seen the world and it has opened his eyes. He believes that everyone should get such a chance. While the king is alive any sim of any class may go on vacation.
  • Education: The king has seen how higher education can change the life of a person and shape their mind. While the king is alive ONE peasant sim is allowed to attend college and become a merchant. They must pay $5,000 per year that they attend or else get scholarships to cover the fees.
  • Gamer: The king thinks that his subjects need more fun in their lives. While the king is alive he cuts their taxes by 5% for each class in order to allow them more free time to explore hobbies and interests.
  • Journalism: The king learns of the power that the media holds and does not want any other sim to hold this power. While the king is alive no other sims may be in the journalism career.
  • Law: The king feels more power than he ever has before over his subjects and decides to put a new law in place. If the king has 5 or more playful points the law will be that each household must have a bubble blower. If the king has less than five playful points the law will be that no sim will be allowed to use their vacation days - no exceptions. These laws last until the king dies.
  • Music: The king has heard the beauty of music and loves to surround himself with it. Before the king dies each sim needs to attain five creativity skill points.
  • Architecture: The king has learned the importance of a well built house. Once the king tops this career each household will receive $5,000 that must be used to somehow improve the look or structure of their house.
  • Dance: The king is a dancing fool and thinks his subjects need to learn a thing or two about dance. While the king is alive all teen sims planning on going to college must earn the dance scholarship before they can attend.
  • Entertainment: The king thinks it is a shame that power is so scarce as it makes it harder for sims to entertain themselves. When the king tops this career he gives one solar panel as a gift to each household.
  • Intelligence: The king is nothing but paranoid and suspicious of everything around him and worries of an attack. Once the king tops the career you must randomly choose one teen to elder sim that the king thinks is "out to get him" and this sim must be killed.
  • Oceanography: The king has learned so much about waves and the tide that he has built a ship that can never sink and because of this business begins to boom. Once the king reaches the top of his career each household with a business, home or community lot, will be given $1,000. Unfortunately, after the king's death this ship mysteriously sinks.
Supernatural Sims
  • You may either create one family that can be a "supernatural" family or it can be made when a sim is an alien, becomes a werewolf, becomes a zombie, becomes a witch/warlock, becomes a plantsim, or becomes a vampire and moves into their own household alone upon reaching adulthood.  
  • ANY sim that is in either the royal family or any of the noble or merchant families and is a creature must be "banished" into this house upon reaching adulthood. 
  • "Supernaturals" may attend college in order to join the paranormal career.
  • Only witches/warlocks are allowed to create servos.
  • Only peasants or "supernaturals" may tend crops. 
  • Gardening is extremely difficult in the harsh climate. In order to start a garden a sim must have maxed the cleaning skill and the crops MUST be enclosed in a greenhouse. 
  • Sims may ONLY grow tomatoes until they obtain a gold gardening badge, then they are free to grow any type of fruit/vegetable.

Once each original family has reached generation five count up all your points.
  • 1 point for each generation reached - 5 total
  • 10 points if every heir for all classes, including peasant, is the first born son
  • 1 point for each platinum grave
  • 1/4 point for each family friend the royal family has
  • 2 points every time a Sim fulfills an impossible want
  • 1 point for every time a sim reaches the top of a career - can only be counted once for each sim
  • 1 point for every Merchant who marries a Mr. Big or Diva
  • 1 point for every sim who graduates from college
  • 2 points for every sim who graduates from college Summa Cum Laude
  • 1 point for each sim who becomes a member of the secret society
  • 3 points for each sim who becomes a big sim on campus
  • 2 points for each windmill and 1 point for each solar panel that each family has
  • 1/4 point for every career that the KING tops
  • 1 point for each peasant household that has a net worth higher than $100,000
  • -1 point for each king's career topping challenge that you do not complete
  • -2 points for each sim who dies of a cause other than old age
  • -1 point for each infant, toddler, or child that gets taken by the social worker
  • -1 points every time a household member drops into aspirational failure and receives a visit from the sim shrink.
  • -1 point for every sim that drops out of college
  • -1 point for every teen that runs away
  • -2 points for every couple that elopes
  • -2 points for every couple that gets a divorce

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